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How often is it appropriate to change the car oil? 5000 kilometers or 10,000 kilometers?
source:某某检测公司 Release time:2016/4/13 17:03:46
The issue of the oil change cycle is a cliché. The oil change cycle of a traditional engine oil is generally 5,000 kilometers. Everyone knows this. After running to the kilometer, it is natural to do maintenance. Even if you forget the maintenance time during the warranty period, don’t worry. Generally, the 4S shop will remember it for you and will call you to remind you to maintain it.

Do I need to go to the 4S shop to change the "original car oil" on a regular basis? Can it achieve 10,000+km maintenance by upgrading the fully synthetic engine oil?

The editor wants to tell everyone that after the warranty, there is no need to go to the 4S store to change the "original oil" with extremely low cost performance. And it’s no problem to switch to a higher-grade fully synthetic engine oil. Using a better oil will make your car better maintained and in better condition!

Therefore, after the warranty, the editor recommends that you buy a better engine oil and go to a regular repair shop outside for maintenance, which is good for your car, and saves money and is more affordable.
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