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Five misunderstandings in the use of automotive lubricants
source:Shenyang Zhongying Trading Company Release time:2020/12/21 17:58:16
When it comes to lubricating oil, this is a commonplace talk, but there are also many car owners and friends who have some misunderstandings about car lubricants, so today I will give you a detailed description of the precautions for car lubricants.

Misunderstanding 1: Lubricating oil is often added and not changed

It is correct to check the lubricating oil frequently, but only supplementing without replacing it can only make up for the lack of oil quantity but cannot fully compensate for the loss of lubricating oil performance.

The quality of lubricating oil will gradually decrease due to pollution, oxidation and other reasons during use. At the same time, there will be some consumption, which reduces the quantity.

In fact, the lubricating oil should be changed after a certain period of time.

Myth 2: Additives are useful

Real high-quality lubricants are finished products with a variety of engine protection functions. The formula already contains a variety of additives. If you blindly add other additives by yourself, it will not only not provide additional protection to the vehicle, but will easily react with the chemical substances in the oil and cause the oil. Overall performance decline.

In particular, many of the current additives are counterfeit and inferior, which can cause considerable damage to the engine.

Misunderstanding 3: Change the oil when the lubricant turns black

The lubricating oil used in modern cars is generally added with a decomposing agent.

This cleanser will wash off the rubber film and black carbon deposits adhering to the piston and disperse it in the oil to reduce the generation of high-temperature deposits in the engine. Therefore, the color of the lubricating oil is likely to turn black after a period of use, but at this time The oil has not completely deteriorated. So this statement is not accurate.

Misunderstanding 4: Add more lubricating oil

The amount of lubricating oil should be controlled between the upper and lower marks of the oil dipstick. Because too much lubricating oil will escape from the gap between the cylinder and the piston into the combustion chamber and burn to form carbon deposits.

These coke deposits will increase the compression ratio of the engine and increase the tendency of knocking; the coke deposits in the cylinder are red hot and easily cause pre-ignition. If they fall into the cylinder, it will aggravate the wear of the cylinder and piston, and will also accelerate the pollution of the lubricating oil.

Secondly, too much lubricating oil increases the stirring resistance of the crankshaft connecting rod and increases fuel consumption.

Misunderstanding 5: Domestic cars use imported oil

As the saying goes, wild boars can’t eat fine bran. Many things need to be adapted to local conditions and time. It is not that imported engine oil will have the better effect, because most imported engine oils have low viscosity and are not suitable for domestic vehicles. Requirements.

In addition, the thermal expansion coefficient and matching clearance of materials of various matching parts of domestic engines are larger than those of imported cars, and most domestic car engines do not have oil radiators.

If the imported engine oil is used blindly, the oil pressure will be low due to the engine oil being too thin at the normal operating temperature, or even the specified operating pressure will not meet the normal lubrication requirements, which will increase engine wear.

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As a car owner, we don't just buy a car and we are done. At the same time, we must take good care of the car, maintain it frequently, check the performance of the car, and make our car live longer.


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