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How does car lubricant work?
source:Shenyang Zhongying Trading Company Release time:2020/12/21 18:01:06
For car owners and friends, car lubricants should be familiar things, and they all know that it is an important product for lubricating, cooling, cooling, and cleaning the engine; but few people know what car lubricants are in the engine. How does it work; so today, I will briefly introduce how car lubricants work inside the engine.

To put it simply, automobile lubricants work continuously in the process of driving. Each cycle mainly goes through the following steps:

1 gather the oil pan

The oil pan is located in the lower part of the engine and is a device for storing lubricating oil. When the car is not started, the lubricating oil gathers here quietly.
2 Oil pump pumping

The oil pump is the transporter that transports the lubricating oil to the various parts of the engine. Through this device, the lubricating oil has a certain flow pressure and can flow into the oil pipelines.

3 Flow through the oil pipeline

The oil pipeline is a highway where lubricating oil flows to various parts, including filters, oil outlet channels, main oil channels, cylinder head oil channels, etc. The lubricating oil flows back and forth from these pipelines to various parts that need lubrication.

4 Enter the filter and filter

Filters and filters are filtering devices before lubrication of the lubricating oil entering parts to ensure that all kinds of impurities and dust will not adhere to the engine parts with the lubricating oil, and the generation of sludge and carbon deposits can be avoided.

5 Lubricate various parts

Finally, the lubricating oil will flow to the crankshaft shaft diameter, connecting rod shaft diameter, camshaft shaft diameter, camshaft, timing gear, piston and other engine components, and then form an oil film on the metal surface of these components to prevent them from mutual Friction, while taking away heat to cool the engine, clean sludge, metal particles, impurities, etc., to ensure good engine operation.

The working process of lubricating oil is a complicated process. Through the simple subdivision of the above steps, we can roughly understand the lubrication process. Although this article can not let you become professionals, but at least it has a certain degree of future car engine maintenance. To understanding.


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