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What are the types of engine oil? How to choose the most suitable oil for your vehicle?
source:www.saidena.net Release time:2021/1/8 15:20:11
The main part of vehicle maintenance is to change the oil. Many car owners don't know much about the classification of engine oil, and how to choose the engine oil suitable for their vehicles.

Let's start with the oil category. Engine oil is divided into mineral engine oil, semi-synthetic engine oil and fully synthetic engine oil. Most people are familiar with and know how to distinguish the two. As the name suggests, mineral motor oil is motor oil extracted from minerals. It is relatively viscous. It was used more in the past and is now gradually replaced by synthetic motor oil.
The synthetic motor oil is the motor oil that is artificially combined with chemical methods. Fully synthetic engine oil is the best in performance. If the vehicle has a T engine, it is recommended to use a fully synthetic engine oil, which has good smoothness and cleanliness, and the replacement cycle is relatively long, which can reach 1 year or 10,000 kilometers. Semi-synthetic engine oil, which is a mixture of synthetic engine oil and mineral engine oil, has a performance between the two, and the price and replacement cycle are also in the middle. For ordinary self-priming engines, semi-synthetic engine oil can be used.

In addition to the above categories of oil, there is also a distinction between operating temperature. When we choose the engine oil, we will notice that the engine oil is marked, such as 5W-40 or 0W-30. The number before the mark W represents the antifreeze index of the engine oil, which is the normal start-up in a low temperature environment. The specific index is this number minus 35,5W, which is minus 30 degrees. Generally, as long as it is not very cold in northern regions, a 5W index engine oil is sufficient. The number following W represents the viscosity of the oil in a high temperature environment. The larger the number, the higher the viscosity. However, it does not mean that the higher the viscosity, the better the vehicle. Different engines have different requirements. This should be selected according to the condition of your vehicle.

The general engine oil on the market is divided into three categories: mineral oil, semi-synthetic engine oil and fully synthetic engine oil. Then the antifreeze index is 5W, and the high temperature index is mostly between 30-40. Such engine oil can basically satisfy most engines. Demand.


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