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The consequences of not changing the car oil in time? Be careful with your engine
source:某某检测公司 Release time:2016/4/13 17:03:46
Now the car has become a very important means of transportation in our lives. Everyone knows that if a car is a very sophisticated machine, the role of oil in the blood of the engine should not be underestimated. It is unreasonable to change it sooner. If you change the oil too early, it will make us waste money, but if you change the oil late, it will also damage our car engine.

   Ordinary mineral engine oil is usually replaced once at about 5,000 kilometers, so it is appropriate to replace semi-synthetic engine oil at 7000 kilometers. For fully synthetic engine oil, we need to replace it once at about 10,000 kilometers. But if you only calculate it in terms of time, six months is also the theoretical replacement period of mineral oil. That is to say, if you add mineral oil to your engine, it will be within six months of the engine. The engine oil has not been operated before, so it is necessary to change the engine oil, because within 6 months, the mineral engine oil has almost been oxidized and deteriorated during this period of time, and it has also lost its proper performance. However, if it is a semi-synthetic or fully-synthetic engine oil, in 6 months, although the engine oil will also undergo oxidative deterioration, it can still be used.

   For most people, they don’t know exactly when their car was last changed oil, and they didn’t record the kilometers at all. So what should they do at this time? In fact, here are two very practical tips for you.

   1. Judge according to the amount of impurities in the oil. We only need to prepare a test paper for engine oil, and then pull out the dipstick and drop a drop of engine oil on the test paper. Just leave it for three hours. If you find that the color of the deposit is very dark, it means that the oil in the oil The impurity content is relatively high, so it is necessary to change the oil at this time.

   2. Judge by the liquid level of the oil dipstick. Usually about 20 minutes after the engine is turned off, this time is the best time to check the oil, so that it can ensure that the oil in other parts of the engine can return to the oil pan. The measurement is very accurate. Not only that, then the When measuring, we also need to ensure that the car is in a level state. If your car is parked on a slope, it is meaningless to measure the oil at this time.

If the oil level is between the upper and lower limits of the oil dipstick, it can basically be considered that there is no need to change the oil. If the oil is below the lower limit of the oil dipstick, it means that the amount of oil is insufficient, and the lubrication effect will become very poor. And it will wear our engine. At this time, we must change the oil in time. Of course, it does not mean that the more the better. If your engine oil exceeds the engine oil, it will only be on the line, that is, our engine oil is added too much. This will cause our car to burn engine oil during driving, which will eventually lead to an increase in fuel consumption.

In fact, car maintenance is often overlooked by car owners, but car maintenance is also closely related to our car use process. Therefore, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the car in ordinary times to extend the service life of the car and reduce the occurrence of accidents. Be sure to change the oil in time, otherwise the engine is damaged and the trouble will be big. Everyone knows which is more important.
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